Low carbon living in Oundle

A high-quality, custom build community offering high levels of environmental and social sustainability.

Flexible house types

adaptable to a range of life stages where a community can flourish. 

Well-designed energy-efficient homes

built with modern sustainable building methods. 

Shared, safe, sociable spaces

designed for social interaction and biodiversity.

Co-created with future residents

for better outcomes and community building.

Outline Planning Application Submitted

Find out more about the outline planning application we submitted at the end of 2023

Collaborative design process

We are bringing together a group of potential future residents to work closely together, and with our professional team, to help shape the vision and design proposals for Millers’ Field. We believe this will be the UK’s first genuine Dutch-style building group giving future residents a way to get involved from the outset. This innovative approach provides access to a customisable home, a collaborative design process, and an opportunity to get to know your neighbours and shape your community before you move in.

Join us on the journey

We are inviting potential future residents of Millers’ Field to join us on the design journey in what will be the UK’s first genuine Dutch-style ‘building group’ project.

TOWN and Mole Architects have been selected by Anne and Peter Miller, the owners of Millers’ Field to design and develop part of Millers’ Field as a high-quality, custom build community that will offer high levels of environmental and social sustainability. This will include publicly accessible space for nature by the stream, as well as retaining the existing allotments and making them permanent.

14 customisable homes.

Respectful design.

Low carbon living

Community focus.

Enhanced biodiversity.

Green spaces.

Millers’ Field is on the south side Benefield Road, next to Clifton Drive and is within easy walking distance of the centre of Oundle.

Find out more

To find out more about the building group please contact us

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