Our vision

for an exemplar low-carbon sustainable development.

Respectful design

A well-designed development that is sensitive to location, and adds to the ‘specialness’ of Oundle.

Safe, sociable spaces

Shared spaces that enable residents and children to play and interact safely.

Community focus

Intelligently using flexible house types to support both elderly living and young families.

Low carbon homes

Homes that are built from natural, low carbon materials and use very little energy to run, most of which is generated via on-site renewables.

Enhanced biodiversity

Provides new and diverse habitat to enhance biodiversity and creates homes with strong connection to green spaces

Water conscious

Using water efficiently through fixtures, appliances, and rainwater recycling, and managing run-off through landscaping and nature based solutions.

Engage and evolve

Our proposals will evolve and become more detailed as the project progresses as a result of engagement with the local community and most importantly future residents in the form of a Building Group. If you share our vision and might be interested in living in Millers’ Field please contact us about joining the Building Group.

Initial design proposals

14 customisable homes

for market sale with a focus on adaptable house types supporting people at various stages of life.

People centric

with shared green space at the heart of the scheme and car parking at the periphery.

Retention of existing allotments

as well as the creation of new ones and a new publicly accessible nature walk alongside Lyveden Brook.

Preserves views

through the development from Benefield Road to the countryside beyond.

Passivhaus; less cost to you and the planet

At Millers’ Field we intend to create homes that are both very cheap to run and environmentally friendly. Our ambition is that the majority of homes at Millers’ Field achieve certified Passivhaus standard. Where placemaking principles make this impossible, homes will still be certified to the Passivhaus Low Energy Building standard, which is still a very robust building standard.

Passivhaus is an approach to designing and building houses, which delivers highly energy efficient, healthy, thermally comfortable homes. It prioritises a well insulated, airtight building fabric, and uses the natural power of the sun to warm your home in winter whilst protecting against overheating in summer.

Stay informed

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