A different way

to build your new home.

We are bringing together a group of future residents to work closely with our professional team, to help shape the vision and design proposals for Millers’ Field.

Dutch style building group

This will be the UK’s first genuine Dutch-style building group giving future residents a way to get involved from the outset.

Collaborative design process

This innovative approach provides access to a customisable home through a collaborative design process with TOWN and Mole Architects.

Shape your community

An opportunity to get to know your neighbours and start to shape your community before moving in.

What is a building group?

A Building Group is a way of involving home-buyers from early on in the development process. More common in Northern Europe, it is a way of offering buyers meaningful design input to their home without requiring them to become designers or builders. There is a strong element of mutuality in the process with an emphasis on collaborating with each other, and with the developer and architect, to co-design both the individual homes and the external spaces. The process supports community building and more sustainable ways of living and provides the foundation for home-buyers to later share responsibility for managing the development once they move in. 

Join us on the journey

To find out more about the building group please contact us

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